Up in the Air

September 4, 2012
7:30 am

The plane’s ascending to an altitude of 10,000++ feet and here I am trying to find solitude in the air. This Asian guy beside me talks too loud I wish I had ear plugs. It’s an hour and a half flight back home and I have no choice but to mentally block the noise and his irritating voice. I am fervently wishing, however, that he loses his voice even for just 2 hours.

I haven’t had enough sleep in the past two days and my feet is currently killing me. Note to self: Walking for hours in a 3-inch pair of shoes is not good after all. Sometimes I’d rather wear my running shoes when traveling but I don’t think anyone would look fab on that.

Right now, the outdated CRT monitor of PAL (a few meters away from me) is currently playing one of the shows I find stupid – Wipeout. But I’d rather endure this joke of a show than listen to these guys talk and laugh as if they are the only people inside the plane.

Drats, I just really want to sleep during the flight back home but I guess that’s impossible right now.