This may be another late post but who cares, right?:P

2012 has been quite year for me – I’ve gained some, I lost some. Besides, who’s got a perfect life nowadays? The best that we can do is move on and live life to the fullest.

The first month of the year has been so crazy (emphasis on the last word). People, work and schedules keep running through my mind. It’s a good thing that I was able to get some good sleep this week. I keep myself pretty busy with work, business, school and my social life. Hah! As if I have one. I wish I had one though so I won’t be spending that much time on twitter. As if I could stay away from it. But seriously, I should make plans with a friend soon – just have coffee and talk about the good things, nonsensical thoughts and people that don’t matter at all. Haha.

I will make my 2013 a cheery one. Perhaps open another business, or maybe two *crosses fingers*. I will get on that plane and go somewhere else – maybe travel out of the country by myself or bask in the beauty of Palawan or Bohol. I will try to spend more time in the kitchen, read more books, clean my closet and jog as often as I want.

Happy 2013 and let’s hope for a good one! *confetti shower*