Sort of confused.

I’m okay. I’m not confused or lost. I’m fine. I have moved on to a better phase, a better me. My advice? Don’t believe everything the boy* says. I guess I have learned that you can never trust people, especially those who left you walking alone under the rain.

Things are getting better. I have so much to do, so much to accomplish. I have a brighter future without that bloke I thought could complete me.

If you’re reading this now, which I hope you do, stop wasting my time.

Anyhoo, moving on – I have a lot of pending audio lessons to listen to and projects to finish. Thinking about them makes me want to cry for dilly-dallying. Juggling school, business and work is a tough job. Sometimes, I thought of giving up but then again, I ask myself, “What are you going to do then, Pebbles?” So I go back to work and complain less.

As you can see, my blog’s theme is unfinished. I’m confused as to which theme to use to suit my domain name? Ha. What a predicament. But hopeful enough that I can find one by the end of the week.

Hope springs eternal. Ta-ta.

*Boy. Let’s call him that because he is immature.