Gone too soon

Like a comet
Blazing ‘cross the evening sky
Gone too soon

LuchoLucho’s gone. He went to heaven yesterday and left us with broken hearts. Lucho, who paints a smile on my face every time he wags his tail. Lucho, who gave me happiness and brought back the kid in me. Lucho, who brought sunshine in our home. Lucho, who really meant a lot to my sisters and me.

Aside from his really chinky eyes, what I like most about Lucho is his stubborn attitude. I guess that’s what makes him unique. He is spirited and loving at the same time. He wasn’t fussy when it comes to food, but he loved fruit popsicles the most. He was a hyperactive one, always alert, but he’d always succumb to my hugs. All dogs go to heaven right? Because if not, who paints the rainbow?

Having him in our home for more than a year is enough to break my heart into pieces. I cry a little each time I think about him and I cried myself to sleep last night because I lost the very first furry friend I ever loved.

I will miss you Lucho. I will miss you so much.