Unsweetened November

It’s just funny how people can change quickly. Too easy, just like that. Why devout your time to something that you know will end up in a bad way? Because people like you and me are suckers for wretched lives and sad endings.

This is just one miserable nightmare. The words you utter as you take a deep breath.

“…And it will be over soon,” you convince yourself.

But wait, who are you kidding? As days go by, it becomes more and more hard to take in. It’s like an endless free-fall, and there you are waiting for that loud thump on the ground. Damn, why is it taking so long?

Oh but you fear the end of it. Yes, you do. As much as you want to hold on, you know by heart, there is that impending end. Something that is utterly out of your control. And you panic but there is nothing you can do. So you sit on that lonely moss green chair all alone, wallowing in sadness and you tell yourself – you go this kiddo…this too, shall pass.