Hello, it’s me.

All the while I thought I have found someone to grow old with. And just like that, I lost a best friend too.

I guess I was WRONG. Perhaps “the one” lives in a parallel universe…far, far away and the only time I get to see him is when I am asleep or daydreaming. Or maybe he’ll come one day – or maybe NOT ANYMORE.

That’s the funny thing about love. You fall easily. You hurt so much and it will take a lot of time to heal. But as you heal, you become a different person – more matured somehow. Then you tread lightly and shield yourself with all you got. And the process repeats itself again.

I don’t care much. I just want to live everyday as if it is my last. Although I am someone who likes to take time and moves really slow, haha. Maybe he would come someday or not. I’m not really expecting too much because it seems like people are letting me down these days. Perhaps he could live in my dreams for now. Maybe one day. Who knows.

The world is pretty round. Anything can happen 😛