Life is a merry go round

I haven’t been writing these days. Honestly, it’s been quite a long time. I can’t even remember that last time I visited this blog until today. Ugh, I suck haha. The year started without me saying HI here, because 2016 has been a crazy year for me. I had to deal with heartaches, diaper changing, baby sitting, monthly amortization, slow business, and just a lot of stressful things. Let me say this – ADULTING IS HARD.

So what’s up with me now? Here I am, alive and still struggling but getting there.

I still think about D sometimes but it doesn’t hurt anymore. So I’m happy about that. Honestly, I wish him the best things in life. Everybody deserves to be happy! Even my ex, haha. *throws confetti*

Our house is kind of quiet right now because my mischievous, full of laughter nephew went on a vacation with his parents and he’s not coming back in two weeks. My mom texted, “Sad days are here…” I replied: Hey mom you forgot I am fun to be with. Take me shopping! 😀

So what to do in two weeks? Get on with work, maybe read books, finish course project #2, clean my car, go out with friends (because I’m running out of excuses, lol) and fall in love.

The latter though. HAHA!