Happy Pebbles

FullSizeRender(3)Welcome to Happy Little Stones  – my personal blog.

They say in order to be happy you need a good dog (in fact, I have two!), ready money and a good man. And guess what? I have two of three. Well, at least I’m getting there?:P

I was about to write something like, “I love to cook, read, dance and daydream once in a while…” but then that would be the usual profile you get to read everyday.

So here goes mine.

I’m a persistent learner, a frustrated ballerina and a burgeoning interior designer. Reading is one habit I could never give up. I eat books for breakfast and e-books for dessert.

I like the feel of adrenalin rush when I’m on the freeway but don’t get me wrong – I’m a cautious driver, although I curse a lot, especially when I’m on my third cup of coffee.

I shop like an heiress. That’s probably one reason why I need to work hard as much as I can (laughs).  Oh, and I shop for everyone else too. Retail therapy is definitely good for the soul, heh. If I love you, then consider yourself lucky, as you will be receiving gifts on a regular basis.

I have my fair share of slip ups in life but I came to realize that everything happens for a reason – some are lessons in disguise. So, no regrets. Life is short – be happy. Laugh as much as you can. Love unconditionally and appreciate those who love you.

I didn’t create this blog to entertain you, so don’t expect too much. Well it holds most of my occasional outbursts (I find those entertaining), daily boring routines, silly stories and photos of my fluffy, lazy dogs.

Feel free to give yourself a tour.

P.s. If you are selling anything illegal or if you happen to be an axe murderer, don’t bother to contact me.